Friday, January 29, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Joyfulness

A little bit more on 'A State of Supreme Well-being and Good Spirits’


This series is on the canvas covered hardboard that is recommended by the 'painting a day' discipline.
6"x 6" is a good little size, hmm?

I love the invitation of space that comes of moving from one size surface to another. How different requests are made from one.

How sometimes, strangely, it is easier to get more detail into a small painting than a large one.

I hope you are enjoying the free form of this series. I am!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the pre grand opening of Art Gallery of Alberta. Lucky me, I have a ticket! I will give my review, hot off the press, when I get back from the tour!

Today's music
Arcangelo Corelli- 1653-1713 composer of Baroque music

Corelli -Concerti Grossi op.6
Ensemble 415
Chiara Banchini
Jesper Christensen

This is in continuation of the idea introduced in yesterday's music -the lute or theorbo being used as a bass in the music.

Excerpt from the notes
"This production of Corelli's Opus 6 is the result of the converging of a shared passion and research that gave birth to the joint project of creating a large orchesta similar to the one Corelli conducted in Rome."

Tom Van der Geld and Children at Play
Album -Patience
The vibraphone! Jazz

The sound is great as it is a vinyl record that arrived in the post a few days ago from England. The album cover has the cut mark on the bottom indicating it was a demo copy. A bit of provenance. So many details in the world!

LoML,Elgar Schmidt and his astounding collection and knowledge of music which he so generously shares with me... and you!

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  1. What a fabulous grouping you have begun, Earthula! These remind of a dance studio...