Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Happiness

'A State of Supreme Well-being and Good Spirits’

There are 10 images in this series, each of the dimension 6" x 6" x 1".

The challenge, to myself, was simplicity. No editing. The line is pen and India ink that I got from a small shop in Taiwan a few years ago.

The color applied using one brush.

Fluid motion that means this word that means this state of supreme well being.

Then, from here, to see what is the image.

...can I just allow it? Can I?

Will I bother to engage in the argument with the 'niddynaddy' mind?

Choices and decisions...!!!

The Golden Mean -Annabel Lyons
Books are the best. I love living in the world that is created with words. She has written lines that are of such sounding beauty alive that one can hear Aristotle breathing.
So much of the story is written as a conversation, which is an astounding feat as a way of advancing the plot.

Today's music-
Johannes Heironymus Kapsberger
-Libro quarto d'intavolatura di Chitarone

Rolf Lislevand


  1. oh nice! what a beautiful is happiness!

  2. I love this piece, the pure joy of stretching mind, body, and soul. Wonderful, Elaine!