Friday, January 22, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Blue

Are you wondering...where is the artwork? What is the result of so much inspiration? Are you?

Me too.
I am wandering around this town in the present tense, ping ponging in the comparison.

And That's OK.

Because I was going to carry on with the travelogue format (I am very fond of my definition of myself as optimistic,

upbeat, seeing the good in it. and I have been looking!) but I have to agree with European

comparison...this is an ugly city -layout and building wise. Basically it is Sexless and Utilitarian. What can we do about this?

Now that that is off my chest, inhale, I can work with what is here. No excuses.

Beauty, is the sky and the air here... is a picture of the blue that happens, as the sun rises and as the sun sets.
And the cold is the cold outlining each twig or needle on the trees, Wrapping around the warm air that comes from my mouth,making fabulous designs on glass windows. Arrangements made with the cold.

The study is...
And I am reading...Alla Prima -Richard Schmid He works in oil but the "stand up" style of painting is great, for example...
'If there is ever a conflict in your mind between what you know and what you are seeing, paint what you see, because if you don't, the result will look like something that isn't there. ...

Reduce your subject to essential visual shapes and paint them accurately.'

This is where I shall start!!

Other interesting thoughts are coming from these books.

The Golden Mean- Annabel Lyon. (in conjunction with it, the historical account... Arrian's The Campaigns of Alexander.)

Kiss of the Fur Queen -a novel by Tomson Highway. I have heard of this book for years and I found this today at the second hand book store because I asked.

(Reviews to follow.)

And some of today's music has been...

Music to Listen to Red Norvo by contemporary c 7534 A recording from 1957 The first track Poeme is delicately cheerful.
(music, philosophical books, historical books and shoes(and matching hand bag-not shown but it is also very swank) are all courtesy of the LofofMyLife. I made the scones.)
The photos-
Alfred Tartufo (bengal cat) in a frosty tree.
Beautiful new shoes to walk and walk and walk in.
A hearty scone for breakfast.
The blue place that everything comes from.


  1. Such a wonderful stream of consciousness writing. I gotta tell you that I LOVE those shoes! I seem to always see the beauty in places, no matter where they are. Always seeing the small gems...

  2. Red Norvo and good books. What a great day!

  3. Thank you for the gem reminder Autumn! I look forward to your comment! The shoes are wonderfully comfortable.

    You know Red Norvo, K?!!

  4. Love jazz and am fortunate to live where the public radio station is known for its excellent jazz programing. Like vibraphonists like Norvo and Lionel Hampton very much. You know about Pandora Radio on the web? If not, go to and prepare to be amazed and thrilled.

    Autumn...Paying attention to the small things, gems and other oddities and commonplace occurrences, is, I believe, about 75 percent or more of what it takes to be an artist!!