Monday, January 11, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Medieval Modern and *sniff*

In this collection of images is-
-the entrance to Musee Cluny- Museum of The Middle Ages - tapestry, stained glass, ivory carvings, altar pieces, all manner of fragments from weavings.

-the distance between parked cars. Now here is a puzzle. I was tempted to just stay near the parked cars on this street to see how they unparked.

-a gargoyle. There is an icicle hanging from the nose of this gargoyle and it is dripping. This evokes empathy in me as I have the same condition at the moment.


  1. LOL I thought the gargoyle photo was a photograph of someone building a representation of the ark and that was a giraffe head and neck sticking out of a window! LOLOL The doors are pure works of art and I surely would like to know how those cars "unparked" too! I hope today finds you less drippy and feeling much better!!

  2. That is exactly what it looks like!!
    Good seeing!
    and thank you for the healthy thoughts.