Friday, January 1, 2010

The Glamourous Life -New Year in Paris

Breakfast! I will eat a croissant for you. I mean really, the Eiffel Tower all lit up for New Years,marvelous! the crowds in the metro all glittery! every one speaking French, or German, or Italian, fabulous. It is the first bite into the baguette or the croissant that really tells you, in a very sensual way, exactly where you are.
One of the stations on the way to Paris. Those grafitti burners! Graphic arts muralists!
The first picture of Paris...the train station.


  1. Oh you lucky girl to be in Paris! Can't wait to see and hear more about your visit! Of course, the art will come; how can it not?

  2. how can it not?!

    Thanks for your comment!