Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Versailles Chateau

oh oh... the days on the ticket to Paris are disappearing...there is only one day left.
What else has happened that I haven't mentioned?

We have been fortunate for timing on the metro. It has rarely been busy. But when it is busy...sheesh! Squishy. I find myself counting the pores on
the girl next to me's nose.

But in the evening...the stations have such musical offerings. French horn accoustic harmony in the domed tunnels. Soft guitars around the corners. But the best was the accordion girl.

Like the music in all French Scenes.

-Honorable Mentions-
At the request of my friend Sean, and to Linda's delight, we did go to Pere Lachaise Cemetery. It was a sunny day at the grave yard. Lots of ravens. And old gravestones.And I am so glad for the Wikipedia suggestion of starting at the Gambetta station,
this puts you at the top of the hill. It is acres of meandering to find the graves of the famous, much better to be wandering down the hill.

Musee d'Armee, Hotel des Invalides. Napoleon's Tomb

Sitting on the bus as it drives down streets that I am thinking are too narrow to walk along!!


Today's adventure was Versailles. RER C train. 343 photos.
At all these historical sites, there are always children and students sitting on the floors, drawing, listening to explanations, on tour. also.
I recall that a field trip when I was a child was Al Oeming's Game Farm. This has got to make some very big differences in the forming of the mind.

We stopped for lunch at the Grand Cafe, a relatively new site on the grounds, according to the native French fellow sitting at the shared table.
He said he had come to see the gardens covered with snow, as he had never seen them like this before, as it has been a long time
since there has been this much snow in France. See... you can have a thought like that around here... 'I wonder what the snow looks like in the gardens at Versailles today.' - Of course it would be in French.

The Hall of Mirrors!

What are my thoughts of Versailles? It is the beauty... I am re-arranged on a cellular level.


  1. Nothing like being arranged on a cellular level to revive one. This whole trip is beautiful. Looking at the photos with the art work on the ceiling...I don't think I can quite describe my sense of awe. Amazing to realize how long that work has lasted through the centuries...Whose hands painted such delights? Could he imagine that his work would be enjoyed so many lifetimes later? I am so glad you have shared your trip with us.

  2. Dear S. It has been a pleasure. thank you for sharing back. I love your comments! I am glad you feel the same awe as I do when taking the pictures.
    That is really the thing with the chateaux and royal residences. The quality of the work that does last for generations. Every square centimeter! AWE.

  3. Oh My! I didn't check my blogs list and had no idea you were posting from Paris! What wonderful photos...I want to see the best 200 of them all!!

    I do hope your 'must run to Paris for a few weeks' is being as grand as those words are.