Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Merci Paris!

The other day we took a bus tour of historic Paris. L'ile et Le marais(the marsh)is a district that was chateaus of the wealthy after it was drained and filled in. (Isn't this part of Monty Python's Holy Grail)
Then it deteriorated, as did the royalty apparently, to just a seedy area for unsavory types. Then it became a trendy area...this transformation is over the time of a few hundred years. Anyway, this is not so much about the history lesson
The internet can give all that information. My point is that on my last day in Paris I decided to walk to place de la bastille, where the modern opera house is and le marais and ...give my thanks with each step for all that this city represents.

Sludging through the snow in Paris this was a bit rainy, and I follow the Canal St Martin. After a bit the Canal is a boulevard. I ask an older lady if I am going the right way.
She say yes but it is a very long walk.
It kinda was.

There was a diplomatic line of BMWs behind the Hotel De Ville. A woman walking passed me asked conversationally if I knew who was visiting. I gave a Gallic shrug. She said probably some American Rock Star.


In the market of restaurants, bistros, cafes,brasseries around St Michel I stop at one that has...boeuf bourguignon! I order, and the waiter starts laughing. It has been 'the thing' since Julie/Julia movie.
Just like the Mona Lisa wasn't notice for centuries then a little press and well, with anything famous, it is the spin.

I taste it and I start laughing.. my mom's stew. Fabulous.

I have walked over 10 km today. So many thoughts, actions, ideas have happened on these streets. And the lights come on.

The city of lights.

The city of love.

What a wonderful place.

bread in the morning...
flowers from Cite, Paris.... for you!
Place de la Bastille in the fog.
an anthropomorphosized snow blob with a Notre Dame backdrop.


  1. Oh what a great story, from beginning to end. Your story telling is just right, I feel we're walking together down the street, tasting the croissant, and reeling over the beauty of rows of colored pigments in the art supply store!

    I must say, I enjoyed the food pictures as much as the art and architecture...perhaps that dinner is ready now!

  2. I have so enjoyed your trip with you! Paris is on my list of one days.

  3. Thank you for sharing it with me! I love the responses.