Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Glamourous Life Script for the Movie .

Starting today.. the outline, the characters, the plot all in a great jumble pushing up to the starting line....1 April... when the writing begins!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Glamourous Life Jarrah wood The Breeze Way

Another picture from the Australia files... from a sketch of the same model, combined with furniture from one house and the breeze way of another. 16"x16"

The first time I saw a pomegranate growing on a tree was in Australia. The fruit was cracking open and falling off. The girl from the far-er north is standing there in a titter on the matter. These things are expensive in Edmonton! Mya.
There is such a rich lushness, even in the winter, for those few miles in from the coast. The earth is reds, ochres, and sands.

(I will do this one again.. her hip or the lighting is off on this one. or perhaps more shading is needed for the thigh... I like to re do a painting a few years later. It is interesting what differences have occurred in the triangle of understanding - the eye, hand, and the 'essence of what' that co ordinates them.)

(in other eye shadow is all the thing if one is a Red Queen. Finger on the pulse for fashion fantasy! check out the any every day ordinary miracle blog...the link is just on the sidebar, for a review of Alice in Wonderland)

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Jarrah & the words that go with the pictures

World travels ....flying by the seat of my pants, which is situated on an seat in an airplane... there is, for me, nothing more alivening than just ...letting it happen.

It is such a practice to stay awake in familiar surroundings to see that amazing

things are happening.. we are just too... actually I don't know about you.. it may be this is my issue. I get on bikes, into cars, onto planes and stop some place and let it come to me. Alcohol may be a cheaper trip but I just don't have the constitution for it.

Through the conflagration of events that can only happen when one is wiiiidddde open I was getting off a bus in the pitch of pitch darkness dark side streets ... in the little town of Margaret River,Western Australia. You may have heard of it, previous to this. Wine Country. I was to call a number that I had copied onto paper from the last of a total of three emails I had received concerning a house sitting position. Up to this point... flying from Kuala Lampur to Perth, taking the 'milk run' bus to the town through the astounding Australian landscape....

There were all these little stories the bus driver had going with the people traveling.. Ok.Just
one really good one..He had the people on the bus cheer hip hip hooray for a little guy taking the bus from his grandma's house to his parent's on his own. Everyone joined in, even the Gothed out teenagers.Even the Canadian that had a babble fish time delay for understanding anything being said!) seemed
pretty feasible. But standing on the unlit street with no idea where what who when or why.. These are fleeting thoughts. I started off toward the street with lighting. A Gas Station. I went in and asked if I could use the phone. He pointed to across the street... where, once one know what one is looking at, a couple of pay phone appeared!

I called the number on the crumpled piece of paper.
A Cheery Voice answered.

Ute! This is Elaine! I said

Oh great! she said. Where are

By the BP gas station.

Ok.. I'll call Stephan and he'll pick you up.. Your timing is perfect..he is
just on his way home.

After a few moments, an energetic cheerful guy leaned out from the passenger side(in Canada/ US/Europe..) of the vehicle asking if I was me. I seemed to be. He leaped out, tossed my luggage into the back of the truck telling me to get
in, and, as I opened the door, said amusedly...I'll drive.
Right. Left. It takes some time to get used to. I have some very,very funny stories about driving in Australia.

And the meeting was perfect. They lived (still do) on an acreage that you can look out the living room window and watch the sun set on the sea. Stephan is a vet. Ute is an artist.

I was to stay for six
weeks which became eight, in beautiful, luxurious conditions in return for feeding the pets. Turning the power back on after a storm... you know..

Two dogs, a cat, and... I am not kidding... two kangaroos!

In that time I met the drawing ladies, applied and got the artist in residence position which was in the
Town of Margaret River so I stayed for another couple of months, toured Western Australia, the wine houses, vineyards, taught art classes...

Amazing things happen!

The rest of the words are with the pictures of the previous post... see you there!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Working it and Thoughts on Beauty

Notes from my Artist in Residence Winter 2006 Margaret River Western Australia.
Starting with this...a photo of the original five minute sketch- in pencil, white conte and ink from a model session at a woman's house. I love how they can just flow ...gesture drawing! The model was really good at holding difficult poses. She traveled around modeling in between her other job of are you ready?...herding sheep! Why not?!

From the original the shop of photos ...all this is on the laptop, you know. By deleting some of the color of brown paper, and enhancing the lines the image became this.

Which I used as the poster and invitations for the Isaac's Gallery Art Exhibit.
The painting...
There are fantastic trees, every where in the world for certain. I can only talk about the ones I have met.
Jarrah is a huge lumber tree in Australia. It is a red brown sensual. The theme of the exhibit came to be about the trees. And this painting has some of the furniture that is made from it as well as colors and patterns that sing with that Jarrah wood.

Meeting- One Mother is the title of this work.

It is Mixed Medium on hardboard. Being of an First Nation's kinda interest I was very keen to meet the Aboriginals. There is a sign on Cave's Road for the Wardandi Aboriginal Centre. This is the Land of Wardandi People, Wardan is the Ocean Spirit -one of 14 Nyungar tribes in this area. Because it was winter... I was usually the only one there. I told Trevor,the aboriginal guide through the center, I was doing a painting of the connection of peoples.
As we held hands, we looked into the earth worlds of each others eyes and beyond. One Breath.

On this painting is my hand print and Trevor's hand print and the ochre sand and the ocean that connects the land. One Breath
One Mother.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Glamourous Life -Artist Challenge -Beholder

This week's phrase to make visual on is, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. or the imagination of the beholder. 'day dream' is an image that holds some of the comment. You know... writing about the meaning of my paintings is such a no go for me. I will use the analogy of Isadora Duncan's quote...'If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it.' Or painting it, in this instance.

It is Acrylic on Canvas 16"x16" and for sale... $640.00 Canadian Dollars plus Shipping and Handling

The jewelery making results. I felt compelled to go to The Precious Gems store after wondering through the Art Gallery Alberta, again, with friends interested in the sculptures of Degas... The armature is very important in the casting you know! and I noticed some of the earrings on display at the Gift Shop, at which I spent only time and not money. There are designer bags made of bicycle tires spliced together and sewn to leather. Books!! and toys and Jewelery! Stainless steel rings with marvelous profiles. Earrings... Which reminded me that I had some ideas of earrings I would like... So here are the jewelery making results.

Red bamboo coral & Silver findings!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Glamourous Life -Adventures in Oil -Painting Meaning

Collectors is the theme for this month's Calypso Moon Artist Movement Challenge. All the shoes in this painting have the potential to bring me to tears, for two reasons, their satisfying beauty and the hold they have on my foot... somewhere around the 3 hour standing/walking point I am prepared to weep.

What do these shoes say about me? Hmmm Here's what I can say about them.

Starting at the top... the black Fluevogs. I find that unusual shaped shoes can add that je ne sais quoi finish to a look. These have such an exaggerated toe, one is tempted to make the Cyrano jokes. One must take the elevator, baby, these aren't sport shoes. (um, one moment, it depends on the sport.)

The camel colored suede bow tie shoe...Baci... smoochy Italian, don't you know? are also very versatile, fashion wise.
Cute, Darling, Adorable...the grosgrain ribbon is just the thing!

And peeking out from the side is the heel of Red Patent Leather Jimmy Choo 'Quiet' Pump.

The red shoes are just lovely at the Opera, Ballet, Chamber Music venue.
Wear them to the grocery store and a whole new world of possibilities walks up to talk to you.

Weird, huh?

Did I ever tell you how I met the LoML? Just joking!

Oil on Canvas Hardboard 6x6 inches.

The Glamourous Life - Oil Painting and.. Felted Jackets?

Geez, hey? A fruity still life. Here is the second painting I have done in oil. Except this one came with instructions. My wonderful friend Beata, set up the still life in her studio... lights, background, easels... and we did the sixty minute challenge. (before anyone gets excited at the unlimited painting possibilities, I will point out...Of course, it took an hour to set up and an hour to clean up.)
Why have I resisted using oil paints? Perhaps I heard a scary story about the toxicity. Perhaps all the painting classes I have had have been using acrylics. Isn't English peculiar.. check out all the having in that last sentence!
Whatever the way... now that we have met...I love them.. I love the slinky-ness of them...I can see the oil paint fanatics point!

OOOOooo AAAAAAaaaa babies! oh! baby clothes! The latest felted items that I have made.
This one belongs to my Bellabean, ma grandbébé. It is boiled cashmere wool, with a silk flower, and a mother of pearl button. So she is a soft and fuzzy as...
her Birth Day Polar Bear. Boiled cashmere wool.

This one is Mila's. Boiled wool. They just turn out so cute! The jackets are amusing as well. (wink)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Delights of Fur Kisses, Gifts, Flowers and Cake

The fire and ice rose... a glass of red Kool-aid, Wow I haven't had that in years!... The day begins!

Just so you have an accurate visual of the leopard print fur pants and semi high heels. Haute Style. The glamourous cat, patient little puppet poppet.

After dark all cats are leopards. -- Native American Proverb (Zuni)
The birthday celebrations yielded the gifts of flowers... vases of flowers. Roses, daffodils, all varieties of chrysanthemums, tulips, daisies... beautiful. These photos are from the amazing birthday camera. And photoshop-ed a bit for interest sake. Bringing out those values, hmm?!
Gifts- Oil paint brushes! A beautiful book of Cocktail Dresses!, Email cards- (become friends with Kaylyn... she makes beautiful ones)My Very Own Rechargeable Starbucks card!, A drawing book made from handmade paper!,Funny, Amusing, Fantastic Cards with heartfelt words in them,Phone calls from around the World, and surprise visits!
I love my birthday! One cannot leave a great birthday to chance. It seems a lot of people do this...just expecting that some 'one' cares enough to make a huge deal about their birthday... Talk about naive! It is our job, and a pretty important one at that, to always be offering the opportunity for people to come to love us. Useful suggestions, helpful hints
with enough lead time for the working of wonders makes for a fantastic day. The requirement for adoration, come on, every one needs love, has to be spread over as many friends and lovers, if one is given to that way, as possible if you want big hit. Then no one feels over taxed, you know?
Nutrition- LoML(LoveofMyLife) made the Special Family Secret Chili, one vat. (Did all the dishes, had the coffee on, beer flowing, all day from 2pm- 1 am.) And made...his very own absolutely delicious version of Orange Chiffon Cake. The optional topping was Grand Marnier Whipping Cream. The Cake with the Fire Works candle! Really! What a Man!
Fashion- This is the blouse I made from the silk bought in Paris. Very Nice. The Fur Kiss in this story is the bustier. (Just to be clear... I don't usually discuss my underclothing this publicly unless I design something that is toooo amusing of an idea just to keep under wraps. whaakawaka) Black lace, underwires and long haired fun fur cups! Perhaps Victoria already has this tickly secret.

Thank you, dearests, for the amazing day. Flourishing.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Glamourous Life -Fifity One

It is MY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 51. A Personal New Year.
I intend to collect all 80 of them. Gracefully, graciously... or not.

I mean to walk that narrow line, in semi high heels, between tasteful furry leopard prints pants and, let's say... spandex full body suits in leopard prints. Which is a look that I, here is the graciousness already!, will spare you.

I intend, just a sec, I have to get these damn shoes off, they are gorgeous but ornamental, really pay attention to my intuition, really get to know myself.

It is a popular activity at this age. I can see why. The world gets blippier and blippier and it turns out, kinda remarkably, that I am the stability in the picture. Phhha.

I intend to do justice to the term 'Elder'. It is funnier than you think. There. Wisdom.

Even though I have been advised by a fashion expert, my sister, that blue eye shadow is not attractive on anybody, absolutely anybody, at any age, (she was that adamant) I was only temporarily disappointed.
It may be in style, which we all know has little to nothing to do with looking good, in 9 years. At which point I believe, I have promised myself that I can wear it. For some people a purple hat signals the insouciance of age ... for me, it is blue eye shadow. Sparkly, cobalt blue smeared liberally over the eyelid, almost, but not quite, up to the brow... perhaps a few daring daubs flirting a little too close to the nose.
I can hardly wait.

And a laugh like a gatling gun. Which one has to practice. Frequently, so most people around one aren't startled. Kind, huh?

Already it sounds so superficial... all about looks.
I intend to finally be OK with that. Anything fractious from this moment on will be met with.... SO? Very versatile, in intonations. So? SO! so? See?

Oh yes.. to finish that thread started earlier about listening to myself. I mean to share the information. With every and any one that cares to listen. I may even offer the occasional zinger even those who don't, care to listen, that is.

Because I am 51 and wise.

Today's Music
Leonard Cohen Hits
... Blue Raincoat

Don Mclean American Pie REALLY

...Everybody Loves Me Baby ...I love this song... SO!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Variations on a Theme

The first one is in acrylic paint. 6"x 6" on the canvas hardboard.

The lower one is chalk pastel on handmade cotton paper..same size. Interesting. Soft.

Don't we just bring the emotions to the piece? The acrylic... I was thinking how I just love working with these, I feel confident in the result.
The pastel, calm, watching what the pastels were doing rather than thinking I was telling them what to do.

What is your impression?