Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Working it and Thoughts on Beauty

Notes from my Artist in Residence Winter 2006 Margaret River Western Australia.
Starting with this...a photo of the original five minute sketch- in pencil, white conte and ink from a model session at a woman's house. I love how they can just flow ...gesture drawing! The model was really good at holding difficult poses. She traveled around modeling in between her other job of are you ready?...herding sheep! Why not?!

From the original the shop of photos ...all this is on the laptop, you know. By deleting some of the color of brown paper, and enhancing the lines the image became this.

Which I used as the poster and invitations for the Isaac's Gallery Art Exhibit.
The painting...
There are fantastic trees, every where in the world for certain. I can only talk about the ones I have met.
Jarrah is a huge lumber tree in Australia. It is a red brown sensual. The theme of the exhibit came to be about the trees. And this painting has some of the furniture that is made from it as well as colors and patterns that sing with that Jarrah wood.

Meeting- One Mother is the title of this work.

It is Mixed Medium on hardboard. Being of an First Nation's kinda interest I was very keen to meet the Aboriginals. There is a sign on Cave's Road for the Wardandi Aboriginal Centre. This is the Land of Wardandi People, Wardan is the Ocean Spirit -one of 14 Nyungar tribes in this area. Because it was winter... I was usually the only one there. I told Trevor,the aboriginal guide through the center, I was doing a painting of the connection of peoples.
As we held hands, we looked into the earth worlds of each others eyes and beyond. One Breath.

On this painting is my hand print and Trevor's hand print and the ochre sand and the ocean that connects the land. One Breath
One Mother.

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  1. Elaine, you work so beautifully. I hope you'll share the story!