Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Glamourous Life -Adventures in Oil -Painting Meaning

Collectors is the theme for this month's Calypso Moon Artist Movement Challenge. All the shoes in this painting have the potential to bring me to tears, for two reasons, their satisfying beauty and the hold they have on my foot... somewhere around the 3 hour standing/walking point I am prepared to weep.

What do these shoes say about me? Hmmm Here's what I can say about them.

Starting at the top... the black Fluevogs. I find that unusual shaped shoes can add that je ne sais quoi finish to a look. These have such an exaggerated toe, one is tempted to make the Cyrano jokes. One must take the elevator, baby, these aren't sport shoes. (um, one moment, it depends on the sport.)

The camel colored suede bow tie shoe...Baci... smoochy Italian, don't you know? are also very versatile, fashion wise.
Cute, Darling, Adorable...the grosgrain ribbon is just the thing!

And peeking out from the side is the heel of Red Patent Leather Jimmy Choo 'Quiet' Pump.

The red shoes are just lovely at the Opera, Ballet, Chamber Music venue.
Wear them to the grocery store and a whole new world of possibilities walks up to talk to you.

Weird, huh?

Did I ever tell you how I met the LoML? Just joking!

Oil on Canvas Hardboard 6x6 inches.


  1. They are pretty shoes, now you can hang them on the wall and save your arches!

    I have a pair of 4 inch heals....I can hardly walk in them! I love odd or shall we say striking shoes. Unfortunately, the oddness I prefer is the really expensive kind!

  2. Do tell how you met the LoYL, please, Elaine. I have to tell you my first thought was that I love those tan shoes! Oh how gorgeous! Then as I read your words I laughed out loud at least three times. You, my dear, have a wicked sense of humor and I love it! Great painting and I just love the thoughts as they rolled from your head!

  3. Great shoes and a great idea. The composition is wonderful. This a very appealing painting.

  4. These shoes remind me of the pain I endured just so I could look good. I loved my 3-4" heels, but they sure did not love me. Now, I'm into sensibility...most probably because I am older and my feet can't take it anymore. I would probably fall flat on my face if I wore them. LOL! Oh yes, almost your painting. Well done.

  5. Elaine, I love your painting and your very entertaining notes on same. Unfortunately for you ladies, those red babies do it the best. I can only imagine the discomfort.

  6. Dearest Vern... there is no discomfort wearing any of these when the position is prone!

    Here's to sports!

  7. K! the very expensive kind are the almost comfortable ones. Unfortunate. but true.

    S! I am going with the mantra... it is funnier than you think!

    Thank you for all of your kind comments!

  8. This is a wonderful painting- my poor feet could not get into any of those shoes- but I love your idea and expressiveness! I have enjoyed my first visit to your lovely blog and look forward to visiting again!

  9. One minute late for muster with a dark photo.
    You'll be receiving extra duty for having been unprepared and untimely. Fortunate for you I have a love for quality shoes and became entranced by their beauty.

  10. Love your painting and your blog! I'm so glad that you visited my I now can enjoy yours!

  11. Great picture. The shoes really have a personality and seem to dance on the picture. Personally, I'm all about Keens - they make a sort of river rat fashion statement, but I think they used my foot for a mold! Thanks for visiting my blog. Look forward to the next challenge with you