Monday, March 15, 2010

The Glamourous Life -Fifity One

It is MY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 51. A Personal New Year.
I intend to collect all 80 of them. Gracefully, graciously... or not.

I mean to walk that narrow line, in semi high heels, between tasteful furry leopard prints pants and, let's say... spandex full body suits in leopard prints. Which is a look that I, here is the graciousness already!, will spare you.

I intend, just a sec, I have to get these damn shoes off, they are gorgeous but ornamental, really pay attention to my intuition, really get to know myself.

It is a popular activity at this age. I can see why. The world gets blippier and blippier and it turns out, kinda remarkably, that I am the stability in the picture. Phhha.

I intend to do justice to the term 'Elder'. It is funnier than you think. There. Wisdom.

Even though I have been advised by a fashion expert, my sister, that blue eye shadow is not attractive on anybody, absolutely anybody, at any age, (she was that adamant) I was only temporarily disappointed.
It may be in style, which we all know has little to nothing to do with looking good, in 9 years. At which point I believe, I have promised myself that I can wear it. For some people a purple hat signals the insouciance of age ... for me, it is blue eye shadow. Sparkly, cobalt blue smeared liberally over the eyelid, almost, but not quite, up to the brow... perhaps a few daring daubs flirting a little too close to the nose.
I can hardly wait.

And a laugh like a gatling gun. Which one has to practice. Frequently, so most people around one aren't startled. Kind, huh?

Already it sounds so superficial... all about looks.
I intend to finally be OK with that. Anything fractious from this moment on will be met with.... SO? Very versatile, in intonations. So? SO! so? See?

Oh yes.. to finish that thread started earlier about listening to myself. I mean to share the information. With every and any one that cares to listen. I may even offer the occasional zinger even those who don't, care to listen, that is.

Because I am 51 and wise.

Today's Music
Leonard Cohen Hits
... Blue Raincoat

Don Mclean American Pie REALLY

...Everybody Loves Me Baby ...I love this song... SO!!!


  1. Gosh Elaine, you made me smile this morning. You are but 3 months older than moi. I turn 51 in June. I used to see myself as a sophisticated New Yorker, designer suits and shoes, cigarette holder (I don't smoke), and French Twist Audrey Hepburn kind of girl. Alas, the real me is not living up that younger image I had of myself. I am a frumpy, wear little to no makeup sweats kind of girl. One who is openly appalled but secretly celebrating that we can now wear jammy pants in public! I take my hat off to you who wishes to wear blue eye shadow in all its inglorious incarnations! Happy Birthday, darlin'!!!


    You're being positively inspirational this morning!!

    I wish I could drop by for the meet the cat soiree. Consider me there in spirit!

  3. i can't wait to see you tonight so keep that look for me. i'll bring my camera to take your picture. you could put it on the blog for a painting challenge in any artistic style for all the artists out there over 50...i'll will be first to do it, even though i am always 24.
    i am glad we don't take ourselves seriously and enjoy playing with colours, patterns and shapes (don't forget the values) and not only on canvas, just because... happy birthday my friend!

  4. Anonymous16.3.10

    Wise and beautiful and inspiring and totally capable of pulling off blue eyeshadow. You could do it!! You are you and becoming "you-er". It is a glorious journey and I am forever grateful that I can share in it.

    I hope it doesn't start some type of bright blue eyeshadow epidemic
    xoxo Your Sis

  5. Mandy17.3.10

    A Momentous on the other side of the half. Let's gather the other two sisters when they turn 51. We can call ourselves the Tigerpants Quartet.

    Love you to bits,

    xoxo, Another Your Sis

  6. Thank you each and every one, for the comments... it is even funnier than I think.

    The Tigerpants Quartet. Phaaaaahhh!