Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Oil Painting and.. Felted Jackets?

Geez, hey? A fruity still life. Here is the second painting I have done in oil. Except this one came with instructions. My wonderful friend Beata, set up the still life in her studio... lights, background, easels... and we did the sixty minute challenge. (before anyone gets excited at the unlimited painting possibilities, I will point out...Of course, it took an hour to set up and an hour to clean up.)
Why have I resisted using oil paints? Perhaps I heard a scary story about the toxicity. Perhaps all the painting classes I have had have been using acrylics. Isn't English peculiar.. check out all the having in that last sentence!
Whatever the way... now that we have met...I love them.. I love the slinky-ness of them...I can see the oil paint fanatics point!

OOOOooo AAAAAAaaaa babies! oh! baby clothes! The latest felted items that I have made.
This one belongs to my Bellabean, ma grandbébé. It is boiled cashmere wool, with a silk flower, and a mother of pearl button. So she is a soft and fuzzy as...
her Birth Day Polar Bear. Boiled cashmere wool.

This one is Mila's. Boiled wool. They just turn out so cute! The jackets are amusing as well. (wink)


  1. Oops! I missed a post! Love these felted items, Elaine! They are gorgeous and I suspect you have the most stylin' grandkids around!

  2. Oh yes! I love the vibrant still life in oils! You did a most fabulous job!