Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Glamourous Life - oil

Here is the first image, using oil paints. on the mini size panels 6"x6" Thank you Nancy!

Tomorrow I will try it again, using acrylics.

and perhaps pastels, later.

The border idea is from a CD insert

Tonight's film was

The Thief of Bagdad. Alexander Korda.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Self Portrait

An Art challenge for February from KM for

Calypso Moon Artist Movement

Using one color with black and white....I chose, are you ready?... RED!
It is a healthy colour I am thinking. Lots of things I really like are red... peppers, pomegranates, carnelian, rubies! garnets! lipsticks, polish for the nails...etc.

This is the second self portrait I have done in my long and illustrious career as a portrait artist!

Artists are urged to look at Vincent Van Gogh self portraits, which, as it happens, I have a photo from Musee d'Orsay, which I just recently did a walk through.

The interconnectedness of life!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the Clamourous Life- 118 views of Karin Jurick

Thank you Jill for all of your work on this project.

Here is my portrait of Karin Jurick.

Check them all out on the
They are pretty amazing

Sunday, February 14, 2010

the Clamourous Life- Valentine and Bliss

I love you everyday!

Supreme state of well being.

This isn't the whole post... dinner is ready!!!

and then it is the DAY... that one doesn't say... sorry, sweetie darling sweetie... but I have to post things on the computer.. darling!

The film... The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

I dare ya, double and triple dare not to have moist eyes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Blessedness


like being busier than a one legged man in a bum kicking contest....

(the busy part is the blessing.)
(I have to thank Laurie for the saying.)
There was a meeting for a organizing a festival called Creative Aging. I need, of course, another interest...

Many different senior groups were represented at this meeting- program coordinators for senior homes and senior drop ins, a drama professor, senior outreach...etc. The point of it being that creative interests and activity have a very significant effect on quality of life... health- mental and surprise if one participates in this already.
The main idea, that I was hearing, is that the classes are to have a measurable acquisition of skill. So the instruction of the classes is from professionals in the artistic field- Visual Arts, Writing, Drama, Dance.
The age group is the interesting part. There are so many interesting messages from the Elders.
The challenging part is to evoke an interest in the program from a greater number of seniors. They, on the whole, don't seem to think that their lives have been very interesting. !!!

If you have any ideas, thoughts or comments..I would love to hear them.

As the days go by, I realize I am doing this for me future self.



frost on the window

Something to see... Marcello Mastroianni (anytime in anything but specifically...) 's I Remember

Music... The Pet Shop Boys -The Complete Singles Collection

We went to Edmonton Opera, Gilbert and Sulivan's Pirates of Penzance or The Slave of Duty.

So many things to tell you!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Felicity

the state of supreme well being and good spirits.




I am posting this because we practice, repeat alive -the art of our lives. We have a choice about what we focus on. I was reading a great blog comment about this being the reason that one woman read blogs. It is a person that is accounting and accountable for the experience being presented. The Beauty that is Blogging

I have come to be astonished by the experience of sitting with a word that describes a feeling and checking out if I even know what that feeling is.

I can do things like this because I am an 'older person'. And that is actually a remarkable activity.


Today's music is Brahms

Piano Quintet
opus 34

Hagen Quartett

'If you listen to Brahms you are listening to the history of western music.' E. Schmidt says, then sips his coffee. 'There is so much learnedness woven into this...You have to listen to the scherzo...'

'Evolution not revolution'

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Cheerfulness

Cheerfulness as a state of supreme well being and good spirits.

Today's quote is from tonight's CBC Ideas programme
-part 2 of

'the Pleasures of the Flesh' Gilbert Reid (the real spelling of his name)

'You cannot arrange for happiness. You CAN arrange for pleasure. I make many of these arrangements'

Catherine Deneuve
(not English)

jouissance- a keen and deep pleasure.

Now this can be arranged by many things. Beauty through any of the senses, can do this.


Cheerfulness (6"x6" acrylic mixed medium on canvas hardboard. $119.00 available!)

Ice on the fire wood

Today's cheerful music courtesy of the vinyl and CD collection of E.Schmidt who didn't even know that cheerfuness was today's image. LOVE it.


Virtuoso Mandolins

vivaldi scarlatti

old Italian court dances.


Romeo and Juliet


-the dance of the knights-

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Glamourous Life -Joy

Joy a State of supreme well being and good spirits.

Tonight, propitiously, CBC radio has Gilbert Reed talking on Ideas, the topic -The Pleasures of the Flesh- !!!
With the soundscapes of old movies, translations of language, he talks of the pleasure of just flirting, the eye contact, open appreciation, just the pleasure of being alive, breathing, following the curve of the street to meet the next moment...

Where is he? Paris.

That is the joy that burbles and trills along as a color of the day.

Osho said...
"Ecstasy is our very nature, not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary. To be ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs great effort to be miserable. That's why you look so tired, because misery is real hard work; to maintain it is really difficult, because you are doing something against the nature. You are going upstream – that's what misery is."

Today's Artwork of interest...

Woman Bitten by a Snake 1847 Marble statue

Auguste Cl├ęsinger (1814-1883)
Musee d'Orsay.

The model was Apollonie Sabatier.

La Joie/Joy

and where it came from

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Beatitude

1-blessed are...

2-a cry of joy!

3-Good news.

A State of Supreme Well-being and Good Spirits

Nietzsche has an quote on the matter of happiness...
Humanity does not strive for happiness; only the English do.

or...Joseph Campbell wrote

"The way to find out about happiness is to keep your mind on those moments when you feel most happy, when you are really happy — not excited, not just thrilled, but deeply happy. This requires a little bit of self-analysis. What is it that makes you happy? Stay with it, no matter what people tell you. This is what is called following your bliss."

American, of Irish descent...!!!

A photo moment for the GRAND OPENING of ART GALLERY of ALBERTA. (this is a filched photo, I have to say, because I forgot my camera, gentle readers, on the table because I was getting a lift and it was more important to have on lipstick and get out the door than pick up the image recording device. Geez huh? a complete lapse in priorities! Not one comment was made on the lipstick. I am sure, certain, in fact, that I could have had one or two(comments) should I have been armed with the camera. Live and Learn....)

The building is a work of art- Randall Stout's and it puts me in mind, she says, reaching for the decorative straw installation that sits in the corner of the salon for this very reason, of my favorite art nouveau architect.. Josep Marie Jujol who worked with and influenced....Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona.

Interestingly enough, one of the main exhibits is Degas!
an installation of an abandoned Japanese dentist's office during a storm. (this is worth a chew on the straw and a raised eyebrow)
Goya's prints-The Disasters of War.


And a Murder of Crows. (Sound moves through)