Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Cheerfulness

Cheerfulness as a state of supreme well being and good spirits.

Today's quote is from tonight's CBC Ideas programme
-part 2 of

'the Pleasures of the Flesh' Gilbert Reid (the real spelling of his name)

'You cannot arrange for happiness. You CAN arrange for pleasure. I make many of these arrangements'

Catherine Deneuve
(not English)

jouissance- a keen and deep pleasure.

Now this can be arranged by many things. Beauty through any of the senses, can do this.


Cheerfulness (6"x6" acrylic mixed medium on canvas hardboard. $119.00 available!)

Ice on the fire wood

Today's cheerful music courtesy of the vinyl and CD collection of E.Schmidt who didn't even know that cheerfuness was today's image. LOVE it.


Virtuoso Mandolins

vivaldi scarlatti

old Italian court dances.


Romeo and Juliet


-the dance of the knights-

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  1. Your last line caught my eye, Earthula. My immediate thought was that this painting - I love the colors by the way! - reminds me of the Russian dancers. Exquisite and I love the joy I hear and see filtering back into you poste trip!