Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Glamourous Life -Joy

Joy a State of supreme well being and good spirits.

Tonight, propitiously, CBC radio has Gilbert Reed talking on Ideas, the topic -The Pleasures of the Flesh- !!!
With the soundscapes of old movies, translations of language, he talks of the pleasure of just flirting, the eye contact, open appreciation, just the pleasure of being alive, breathing, following the curve of the street to meet the next moment...

Where is he? Paris.

That is the joy that burbles and trills along as a color of the day.

Osho said...
"Ecstasy is our very nature, not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary. To be ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs great effort to be miserable. That's why you look so tired, because misery is real hard work; to maintain it is really difficult, because you are doing something against the nature. You are going upstream – that's what misery is."

Today's Artwork of interest...

Woman Bitten by a Snake 1847 Marble statue

Auguste Cl├ęsinger (1814-1883)
Musee d'Orsay.

The model was Apollonie Sabatier.

La Joie/Joy

and where it came from

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  1. Beautiful, Earthula...the thoughts and the painting.