Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Blessedness


like being busier than a one legged man in a bum kicking contest....

(the busy part is the blessing.)
(I have to thank Laurie for the saying.)
There was a meeting for a organizing a festival called Creative Aging. I need, of course, another interest...

Many different senior groups were represented at this meeting- program coordinators for senior homes and senior drop ins, a drama professor, senior outreach...etc. The point of it being that creative interests and activity have a very significant effect on quality of life... health- mental and surprise if one participates in this already.
The main idea, that I was hearing, is that the classes are to have a measurable acquisition of skill. So the instruction of the classes is from professionals in the artistic field- Visual Arts, Writing, Drama, Dance.
The age group is the interesting part. There are so many interesting messages from the Elders.
The challenging part is to evoke an interest in the program from a greater number of seniors. They, on the whole, don't seem to think that their lives have been very interesting. !!!

If you have any ideas, thoughts or comments..I would love to hear them.

As the days go by, I realize I am doing this for me future self.



frost on the window

Something to see... Marcello Mastroianni (anytime in anything but specifically...) 's I Remember

Music... The Pet Shop Boys -The Complete Singles Collection

We went to Edmonton Opera, Gilbert and Sulivan's Pirates of Penzance or The Slave of Duty.

So many things to tell you!


  1. Oh Elaine! These joyous little paintings are so wonderful, so inspirational! The colors are always so true, so gorgeous...

    I was reading your words and it immediately took me to a video I saw on (gulp, here comes a startling admission) Perez Hilton's blog yesterday. In it, three older gents did a dance to a Michael Jackson song. I was absolutely howling. The oldest of the three (assuming the names and ages were given in order of appearance) was the best by far. To see men in their 70's and 80's doing a Michael Jackson dance - complete with crotch grabs and thrusts - was just awesome. I loved their senses of humor and their joy of life. Just such a sparkling coincidence on reading your words this morning!

  2. HAHAHAha, oh Sherry you are sooo funny! The guiltish pleasure in brackets. Big hug.

    I will check this out.
    'This is It' was one of the movies on the plane. It was absolutely fantastic, for anyone that enjoys dance, theatre, a good story...etc.

    Yours in Sparking Coincidence!

  3. Here you go, a link! Enjoy!!