Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Delights of Fur Kisses, Gifts, Flowers and Cake

The fire and ice rose... a glass of red Kool-aid, Wow I haven't had that in years!... The day begins!

Just so you have an accurate visual of the leopard print fur pants and semi high heels. Haute Style. The glamourous cat, patient little puppet poppet.

After dark all cats are leopards. -- Native American Proverb (Zuni)
The birthday celebrations yielded the gifts of flowers... vases of flowers. Roses, daffodils, all varieties of chrysanthemums, tulips, daisies... beautiful. These photos are from the amazing birthday camera. And photoshop-ed a bit for interest sake. Bringing out those values, hmm?!
Gifts- Oil paint brushes! A beautiful book of Cocktail Dresses!, Email cards- (become friends with Kaylyn... she makes beautiful ones)My Very Own Rechargeable Starbucks card!, A drawing book made from handmade paper!,Funny, Amusing, Fantastic Cards with heartfelt words in them,Phone calls from around the World, and surprise visits!
I love my birthday! One cannot leave a great birthday to chance. It seems a lot of people do this...just expecting that some 'one' cares enough to make a huge deal about their birthday... Talk about naive! It is our job, and a pretty important one at that, to always be offering the opportunity for people to come to love us. Useful suggestions, helpful hints
with enough lead time for the working of wonders makes for a fantastic day. The requirement for adoration, come on, every one needs love, has to be spread over as many friends and lovers, if one is given to that way, as possible if you want big hit. Then no one feels over taxed, you know?
Nutrition- LoML(LoveofMyLife) made the Special Family Secret Chili, one vat. (Did all the dishes, had the coffee on, beer flowing, all day from 2pm- 1 am.) And made...his very own absolutely delicious version of Orange Chiffon Cake. The optional topping was Grand Marnier Whipping Cream. The Cake with the Fire Works candle! Really! What a Man!
Fashion- This is the blouse I made from the silk bought in Paris. Very Nice. The Fur Kiss in this story is the bustier. (Just to be clear... I don't usually discuss my underclothing this publicly unless I design something that is toooo amusing of an idea just to keep under wraps. whaakawaka) Black lace, underwires and long haired fun fur cups! Perhaps Victoria already has this tickly secret.

Thank you, dearests, for the amazing day. Flourishing.


  1. Love the blouse E! I wouldn't wear leopard skin pants...but you are a blast! It so so matches your vibrant personality! You look busy, busy, busy!

  2. Oh my gosh, Elaine! What a most fabulous and fun post! I must say that the "fire and ice" roses are simply beyond the pale gorgeous. Love the look of you in the leopard print pants too. And to be quite honest, I just need a piece of that cake with the grand marnier whipped cream! What a day!! So glad you had such a magnificent birthday! (I tend to dread and shun the day.)

  3. LOVE the enhanced flower shots!! I mess with photos like that to find values and colors and to be able to see the composition clearly. Used to just use my eyes!

  4. Hi Elaine,
    Happy Birthday! Love the unsentimental flower shots. Thanks for dropping by my blog.