Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Glamourous Life (excerpt Chapter 14) Inspiration

Inspiration. Respiration. Aspiration. Spirit. Breath.
What makes your breath alter? Catching it, holding it, breath it, in awe.
This is what is worth your wild in painting.

And worth someone else's while to see. Energy like love on the canvas is the Irresistible stuff.

Sometimes Sometimes?! All the time it is good to have fun... work with other toys...let the pencil wander about the ...CAT!

Marcello.. the Siamese cat... is a very
veritable cartoon. He looks so elegant- as he burps, sneezes, toots, and gobbles up anything.... and uuak... barfs.. Saunter.

Still.........inspiring respiring aspiring spirit.

Today's music
Andrea Griminelli
Cinema Italiano



Poulenc- Organ Concerto

How is that for variety? I'm dizzy!

Which brings to mind... Today's very veritably inspiring Book Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly -Judith Kravitz If you feel you need more energy this is a way to it.


  1. Now these little cartoons are fabulous and Disney worthy (I am reminded of the Aristocats)!

  2. I love him. Only a cat can regurgitate a fur ball and then proceed on his merry way feeling so superior and self assured. He exudes character.