Monday, May 17, 2010

The Glamourous Life- Chapter One -Straw Hat

Straw Hat 12"x12" Acrylic on Canvas

Are we not living in the most magical time? We can create and destroy worlds. We can have the awareness that we make this choice moment to moment, if we choose to.
I am sure, absolutely certain in fact, that everyone has the manifestation moment, when a thought gently surfaces in the mind, and voila! in a short time it is the current experience.
The person phones, the Chinese food is delivered to your door, the perfect chair is just given to you... a manifestation moment.
Painting, for me, is that place of non thinking gentle surfacing. It is a good place to imagine those experiences that I have had or look forward to having... and share them with you.

This Straw Hat is a rendition of Anna Shoub's Daisy Rose twisted straw hat. ( The swish of a turquoise linen dress. And bare feet laughter in the elegant doorway of a brick house in southern France, Spain, Nova Scotia...
Good Imagining...

St├ęphane Grappelli 's Django can dance you right to the place in this picture.

Thanks to Kaylyn Munro for the music... and LoML for knowing and finding it.


  1. This is gorgeous, Elaine. I am truly transported in my mind to a life that looks so beautifully simple and exquisite, genuinely carefree and living in the moment.

  2. Exactly! A beautiful world view, and a picture that captures it.

  3. I love it!! What a great interpretation. Now I need to make it in turquoise. I so agree with what you say about manifestations. People often tell me that they wish that every one had to wear hats like in the old days, but I think this is the better option. Many women felt trapped by fashion and they didn't have the option to opt out. Now we can dress how we like and as you say manifest our reality. My reality is beautiful hats and attention to detail, but it's nice to have options.