Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Glamourous Life. -Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal 12" x 12" Original Acrylic on Canvas

'Because Art is not a careless thing.' - Beata Kurpinski

(excerpts from Chapter eight? of...)

What to be... an Artist.

You actually only have to know how to draw one thing… pick it… a lemon, a body.. a cat.
Draw this two thousand times and you will find that you can draw pretty much anything.

Although I have heard of artists that work more with form and color, I am very fond of using Renoir's wry line...'First learn your craft. It won't prevent you from becoming a genius later.'
Learn to draw something. Because this is how you learn to really see…everything that is there as well as everything that is not there which, paradoxically, is equally important.

You will need

1 Nerves of Steel
Live like you mean it. No one will give you approval, support, large quantities of money, with the possible exception of your mother… and any therapist will tell you that, anyway, at some point it becomes your job.

There are a few exercises one can do for this. Quite a lot really. You will find them coming to you daily! Is that abundance or what? Think of something to do that terrifies you beyond the capacity for rational thought and do it. Fearlessness is an essential quality of the great artist.
Although the whine and snivel has been a far too overdone stance, the great artist is much too busy with the experience that translates to marketing to really spend too much time on this. And that’s good for the world. Be good for the world.

Finding that you are totally absolutely in love with yourself is great for the nerves.

There are a few exercises for this as well, of course. Books of them really. Sometimes, I have noticed, people get really hung up on the exercises and pass the point of it, let’s say about 93 times a day. This is really as simple as breathing. Which can be another place that the self evident is missed. Breathe.

Great … got those two things? Now you can Be yourself. This is the point. How YOU see it, what YOU think, how YOU got to this moment what is YOU? This is what you are expressing…kinda like those little machines do for coffee. Fffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttt!!

2 An Astounding Ability to Sit Still in a Cramped Position (AATSSIACP)

so then you have to take up Yoga or stretches ... I am just telling you. I didn't. So this really is the voice of experience.



stay tuned... it is pretty interesting stuff.

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On the weekend, as a guest of the wonderful Michelle Gabriel I absorbed the How to Write Publish and become a Best Seller seminar by Teresa De Grosbois and Micheal Drew, check them out! Inspiring!

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  1. Beautiful painting and choices words of wisdom for an artist wannabe!