Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Glamourous Life- Love, The Studio Diary, and other tools of the trade

My friend Bea and I took a workshop the other weekend given by Les Graff. He had an number of really great ideas for keeping track of one's professional standing .. one of which was a studio diary. A book, scribbler, binder, journal of what was done in the studio today. I use this blog like that somewhat. ...I'll have to move the computer into the studio. Then the diary would have... 2 hours looking at websites, taking really dumb quizzes on facebook... Yikes!

Today's diary has that I worked for a couple of hours on the book cover commission. The Windigo and Nanabozho.
I talked to my beautiful sister, about Nanabozho. Thomas King. We laughed out loud and long.
Then I read some of Three Day Road.Joseph Boyden, Not so funny. Then I thought about the Windigos in my life and the way the creative force, Nanabozho, by embracing them makes something .
How one is the other in the way energy transforms.

This image is not the book cover, it isn't presentable yet, but it is in the book.
This is LOVE, in the earth land series, 7 Grandfather teachings. Medicine Wheel


  1. Love this page in your book, though admittedly, I did think it was the cover. Have to admit, Elaine, that sometimes I just haven't a clue what you are talking about! I just feel so stupid! At least you had some bonding time with laughter with your sister.

  2. I like this quite a bit - especially the way the light colored stem with leaves curve and make the eye go with it, into and around the painting.