Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Glamourous Life. - The Practice, Practice, Practise

(excerpt from CHAPTER 11 in What to BE?...AN ARTIST!)

Whether you choose flowers, vegetables, pets, sweeping majestic landscapes... practice, that pesky repetition, is the only way that the magic of your subject will reveal itself to you. Seduction is a necessary art ....within art... well, in so very many aspects of life. (it is simply a coincidence that this is the image going along with these words, I haven't been working on lemons recently...)
These sketches are references for sketches in other mediums. For these I used washes in oil paints. But I can use them for the pose and gesture, add clothes, add different props. That is why it is good to have the original drawing from the model.
I have included this one because I really like it and... it has a contribution by the creative or is it just curious, CAT...

3 (continued from the previous post) Libido. Like an appetite. Like you are starving, suffocating, dying of thirst without it.

This is a very important part of the practice. Whetting the appetite of desire to create. Finding that ironic, paradoxically exquisite balance -on the edge of hunger and satiation. Knowing...

What does that for you?


  1. Wonder post teacher...

    Seriously, it's a beautiful journey because we only want to show perfection and not share the steps...the evolution...the change...and the vision.

  2. This post goes well with what I am trying to do in my art course: figures and draping of clothing. Alas, I don't have the patience to repetitively keep drawing the same thing over and over. A live model might help a bit, but that is hard to come by here. My husband is too self-conscious and my daughter has less patience than I, I think. Love your figures though and that last is marvelous. I'm coming to recognize Earthula's style.

  3. Beautiful figure work- I love how you pose with ease your models . Wonderful natural and unaffected style!

  4. Beautiful work. Yes, Hubbards market and Lunenburg market run through October. such a fabulous time to visit. Look forward to meeting you. Anna

  5. Hi Elaine - these studies and practice are wonderfully loose and intriguing. Necessary work - all the same, something I don't do enough of...thanks for the post - it reminds me.