Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Glamourous Life (excerpt Chapter 11) Thank you Christine Lafuente!

The Glamourous Life of An Artist...

Study-ala Christine Lafuente 6"x6" oil on hardboard.
What, tell me what is more inspiring than trying to replicate another artist's work, as a practice! that you admire profoundly. Here is my rendition of Christine Lafuente's 'Zinnias and Melon' I love the sliding slither of paint in her work. Liquid fluid Impressionism. And yet, it holds cohesive. The colors she uses are so very...delicious.
So the exercise is this, find a style that you truly admire. Paint like that. You will be surprised at how much information is in a brushstroke.

Lachelle Seated. Oil on Canvas 10"x8"

Because the sketch for this painting(see previous previous posting)was loose and relaxed, flowing, I just had to invite myself to express that in the painting.
This practice of duplication from another person style is Learning. It provides an opportunity to develop the eye hand coordination in yet another direction. Every one is so very unique that we will always be ourselves. This practice gives one a bit a view, the tiniest one, into the Way of someone else.

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  1. What beautiful and bold slashes of color, Elaine! I love this and I agree with you. Some of my favorite pieces I've done are those that emulated another.

  2. Beautiful work here - warm rich color! I think we learn more about ourselves when we emulate other artists' work as we begin to recognize what it is that makes our art different from theirs.

  3. Such free and lush brushwork, Elaine. This is sumptuous!