Friday, June 4, 2010

The Glamourous Life. -Vernissage and THE WORKS

This image is from the 23 October post of last year... The Stenciled Rug.

I am reposting it because.. it is amazing. I love the rug. It turned out completely different that I expected.. better.

AND it is an Element of the Glamourous Life of an Artist!

AND I have a vernissage on the 25 June. I have in mind to show these oil paintings... some of which are still in my mind. Yikes. Should I say things like that out loud?!
Perhaps there is still time to change the name of the exhibit to -watching the paint dry-...

Come to the opening if you're around town....pretty good wine, very good cheese, and a chance to practice your French, hein?

7:00 pm

9103 95 Ave
Edmonton AB

25 June 2010

For the record...(as a Dear Me note) there is no need to stress myself out here(I cannot stress that enough!) in the least... I have a series of paintings that are complete, framed and that would work wonderfully for this show.

But there is always the next idea, the next experiment, the next line combination of color puzzle... delicious vortex of creation...

The show is in conjunction with THE WORKS festival.

I will... keep you posted.


  1. Wish I could come, Elaine. I wish you bonne chance, truly. The rug is fabulous! It is stenciled?

  2. Ah, the stenciled rug... much too beautiful to walk upon! Very wonderful indeed.