Sunday, February 20, 2011

the glamourous life...Istanbul

quick notes...I have a few minutes before we go off to hunt for dinner..!!!
AAHHHHHhhhh. The Spice Bazaar! Sweets and dried fruit and nuts and perfume and... spices...
A date and some pistachio nuts!

Have you every been in a Turkish Bath?
I forgot to mention the Turkish Bath the other day... wow. (no Photos,as you can well imagine) Invigorating relaxation. A steamy marble room to sweat, then a fellow simply dressed in a thin towel begins with the vigorous skin peeling, a soap bubble wash, a massage.and then one sits on the side by huge sinks and water is poured over. Then you sit for a while in a little cubicle with a divan drinking tea. For the next few days, you will find yourself so in love with your smooth skin. Luxury.

Mosques and palaces... I got to say this great line aloud... 'I will meet you at the Dolmabahche palace gate at 3.'

No photos in that palace. But it has literally tons of chandeliers, one of them is 4 tons of crystals...
The trams, the underground metro, cabs walking..
Constantine, sultans... these cobble stone streets are deep in history.

These geometric designs are based in the perfect circle. Today's images are all from the Toplapi Palace.
The drapes had gold plates of jewels..
...where did I leave those earrings? (a whole new twist on the I saw it in the window and just couldn't resist.)

The crowds of Taksim Square. Birds and cats and dogs.
The men calling out by the carts on the street selling... everything.The astounding blue of the Bosphorus. The colors of Ottoman reds. Pearls the size of a thumb. 82 karat diamonds. Emeralds and rubies. The patterns in the tile work.
It is simply exotically exquisite.

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