Sunday, February 13, 2011

the glamourous life...Istanbul

Walk and walk and walk. The feast is for the eyes...St Sophia cathedral, the GRAND BAZAAR, dinner at the fish restaurant...
I went to bed (what a live wire that one is),Elgar and Len went to the live entertainment nargile(hookah) evening.

Really really really it is amazing. This mornings call to prayer was an outstanding voice.

The head of the blue fish is, apparently delicious.

The Grand Bazaar is miles and miles of shops. Jewelry, leather, fabrics (oh my word)
carpets, food, antiques. We were only there for three hours and covered a small,small area of it.

Aya Sophya

This is not just a regular cat. This is a diplocat... this cat has greeted and been petted by President Obama. The cat, said nothing just smiled politely.

Tooo amazing...more cathedral


I should mention... pomegranates are in season. Fresh pomegranate juice mixed with orange. OMG.
Nougat, when it is fresh, is actually like a thick marshmallowy thing. With pistachios. Halvah fresh is ... I shall stop with the odious comparisons.
stuffed grape leaves... borek....kebabs... Heaven.

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  1. i think, you asked me before what to bring from Turkey for me...pix of sculptures and some good original halvah ;-)qb