Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the glamourous life...Istanbul ...food heaven

Although most of the following images concern food and that may make it seem like eating is the predominant activity, there really are so very many other things to see and do than eat, so we have heard.

Here is the breakfast included with the room....

cheese, eggs, olives, yogurt, borek...cheese or spinach, or olives or..filled homemade phyllo pastry, juices, toast

Yesterday was a cloudy cool day...like 5 Celsius. We went to the Archeological Museum for a four hour stroll through three thousand years or more of history...
carved stone base of an ancient column..

Then we went for dinner ...pistachio lamb kebabs, saladarama, the sesame covered airfilled flat bread with feta... raki, which is the anise flavored liquor, and coffee. The owner of the restaurant came over to give the recipe for the kebabs and tips on how to make them. It was all very jolly, as moment are directly after shots of liquor. Then we toddled off to the nargile rooms to inhale apple tobacco. Alice in Wonderland. The live music is drums and the kannone. And Loreena McKennit music while the band took a break!

The day before... the Bosphorus Cruise to the Black Sea

This was a day trip to a village on the Black Sea. The boat trip was the event. I could still feel the motion hours later.

Here we go... Valentine's Day. Which happens to also be the Prophet Mohammed's Birthday...

We went over to the Asian side of Istanbul because the front desk woman said it would be crazy busy in the historical section.
Here is... the fish market. On the other camera there are some pretty fabulous fish pictures ...ahhh so much food, so little room in the tum...

the fresh vegetables and


The best place in the asian side to get kebabs... Ciya

This is mulberry juice!

And here is your Valentines gift... flowers!

And gorgeous chocolate. The usual considerately low cal ones... Love or WhAT?!

Thank you everyone for your interactive comments! HEARTS!

oh ya,the carpet isn't the more expensive flying version. We already have the return tickets on the plane. And it is so convoluted to get the international airspace licensing you know.

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