Friday, February 11, 2011

the glamourous life...Istanbul

When I opened my eyes this morning...this is what I saw. Life, my sweet, is good. Earlier, before I opened my eyes, the muezzine called for a prayerful moment.

This hotel is, obviously, right in the midst of the historical Istanbul. Turkish breakfast is taken on the top floor that has a terrace overlooking the Marmar Sea on one side and the Mosques, Blue and White and AyaSofia and and and...the bazaar.
It is not the high tourist season. So many things to tell already and it is the first, take it easy day... (breakfst is an array of items, the yogurt is delicious, homemade sour cherry jam, cheeses, bread...Oh and dinner last night... MAN!!!

The Blue Mosque

Some of the bluetiles on the inside of the Blue Mosque. The architectural shenanigans of this building bring one to tears.. beauty

A fellow pops up to explain the sites... he waits for us after we walk through the mosque.. then brings us though the gardens and off over to this area and that and then...well here we are at the carpet shop!!! The salesmanship here is superb! (we are not buying a carpet for heaven's sake.) It is a family business. It is destiny that has brought you to me. You will buy only the piece of art, history and imagination, the good feeling of a young woman poured into the work for years.. (seriously, we aren't buying a carpet) it is impossible for two carpets to ever be the same... it is never about profit it is about making good connections...

So... what do you think of the new carpet?

The two beheaded snake, wroght iron, and the obalisk from Egypt that is the marker of the ancient hippodrome.

Medusa holding the column.

This is a whole entertaining story... have your fortune read by the rooster or the rabbit... Mine was a warning not to spend money foolishly. (Snort, guffaw... )

The byzantine cistern.. this is also where Medusa's head is found holding up the column.



  1. Anonymous12.2.11

    I can hear you telling your story and I am delighted!

  2. Anonymous13.2.11

    Love your tales of travel!! I KNEW you would get the is always about connection LOL.
    mmmm I can smell that coffee.
    Hugs to the E's!

  3. so the adventure your story about carpets...but did you buy it before or after the rabbit/rooster fortune reading?