Monday, July 5, 2010

The Glamourous Life. - Doing the shout out for Margaret Lynch

Hat, Boots and Gloves. 12"x12" original acrylic on canvas, $480.
Thank you to everybody for coming to the opening! xoxo!

Sheesh! is it summer or what!? Sunshine lolly pops and rainbows... everywhere.


I love Margaret Lynch's version of EFT. It really works ...for me. And if does for you that is just fantastic... here is her latest Let me know what you think.. or let her know!

I am just so excited to tell you about results
waiting for you when you release the passionate,
sexy, RAW life force energy of the lower chakras....

Now you don't hear that too often!

The details are all explained in this short video
from groundbreaking success coach and tapping expert
Margaret Lynch:

(copy this entire URL into your browser, clicking link may not work)

But the real results are best explained by
hearing her intriguing personal story...I invite you to
see what this is all about here.

Margaret is known as a world class expert in the
"tapping" circles, but she tells the story of
meeting an amazing teacher that changed everything
for her AND they way she now does tapping and coaching.

She says she started to feel in a whole new way.

She says "I started to feel how alive I was, how alive the
world was, how power and energy actually moved in my
body through the chakras. I started having moments of
intense "presence".

Now I've heard of the chakras before, but never like this.
I've heard of tapping and other tranformational programs
before, tons of them, but NONE like this.

But best of all, the results have been spectacular
in both her life and her business.




P.S. Should you expect REAL and measurable results from
this program in your $$, business, relationships, body? YES!

Is that a money back guarantee from Margaret? YES!

Get all the details here:


  1. Elaine, I have to say again that I rarely know what the heck you are talking about, but I sure love your art work and that creative spirit in you! This painting is another delight!

  2. Hi Earthula, the painting is beautiful, fits like a T on a fashion magazine, loved it!
    I am a reiki master and relate to what you are trying to say here.. let me try the link.

  3. Elaine - the colors are so complementary - love them...those long gloves are needed here - in the unweeded garden - hope they are tanned skin and tough..☺