Monday, July 19, 2010

The Glamourous Life -Red and another great hat from the Hat Junkie

Red 10" x 8" Original Acrylic on Canvas $360.00 Yippee This one is sold!
Can't you just feeeeel the summer evening warmth in this picture? mmmm mmmmm Summer! Picnics! Family reunions! Barbequed everything, Walking in rain and sunshine.... The Hat Junkie, Anna Shoub's hats work for all these summer events. I, personally, do not own one of these hats yet...but I am looking forward to choosing one in September. or two..

In the meantime I am doing lots of research as an artist... weeding the garden, eating peas, lettuce and tomatoes! admiring the flowers, doing the occasional sketch, photographing like mad because there is such freedom with the digital camera... for example...


Today's music... Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt again.

Quintette du Hot Club de France


  1. Very stylish Earthula! I just love your figurative, so much of color and energy in them!Yes, so much of freedom with a digital camera,, you can create endlessly!

  2. I always see sophistication and elegance in your paintings of women. Perhaps it is the hats or that they are generally wearing dresses. But color me surprised to read she is at a BBQ! have her presence and aplomb!

  3. Beautiful as always. Is that the Lana hat? Definitely has your mark on it. Perhaps you have an inner milliner trying to get out.