Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Satin Shoes, Favorite Shoes, Mirrors on the Wall

Starting off I am having all kinds of fun with the fabric in the background. Ah yes.. the shoes are the thing.

This commissioned piece is called My Sister's Shoes.
Shoe related... because these shoes are pretty interesting. Mirror is the title. I was interested in the hand on the hip, the tilt of the shoulders... I am still arguing with myself on the lighting... or the line? Perhaps a light line in the left armpit. What do you think?

(added after the helpful comments...
OR...!!! her legs aren't underneath her and the twist is off in the hips.)

My favorite shoes.. a re visit in acrylic!
Bacci, Fluevog, Choo Bless me! The oil version.

Here is a museum Fluevog... Lizard Sling. Fun or what!?


  1. Wow, Elaine! I love your works. If I might suggest...somehow...that there needs to be a hint of the underside of the left boob on the woman in the red dress. I think you have the armpit in there, but I am not sure...LOL I think each of these paintings are just gorgeous!

  2. The colors and textures of the satin shoes are wonderful. I love the subject of Mirror - a woman needs to see how she looks from behind and from head to toe. Lighting could add mood, either daylight streaming in or soft lamplight.

  3. love these shoes! they are fantastic!

  4. Cynthia B22.4.10

    I just love, love, love my first ELAINE piece, it's amazing! I will cherish it forever and find a fitting place for it in our new home. Can't wait for you to come and help us adorn the walls of our Palm Springs abode. So grateful for you and completely in awe of your talent! xoxo