Friday, April 9, 2010

The Glamourous Life - I say Bismarck You say Jelly Donut

Pastries: in specific....THE BISMARCK

My submission for the Calypso Moon Artist Movement April challenge. Bad... bad...bad aren't going to eat all of that by yourself, are you? food.

I know, to look at me you just wouldn't believe it. It's ok. Life is full of surprises like that.

So.. taking it from the top...crispy deep fried dough, filled with raspberry jam, coated with powdered sugar.... swoon

From the Empress Bakery (just over the way which is completely in the range of the everyday walk and I don't) Bismarck! oh yummy. Because why? Because they still fry them in lard. So they taste like they did in the 'olden' days. When grandma made donuts, which was... just a sec I will phone her... and ask... once a year!

Apparently this delectability is called a Bismarck only on the Canadian Prairies! It is also known as krapfen, Berlinner, or a jelly donut. Also, on the plate, is a type of Danish pastry cinnamon almond carameled sugar deliciousness. I love it when the pastry tastes, and that includes texture, as good as it looks.

They make fantastic farmer's rye bread, as well, at that bakery.
I love food.

To our health! Cheers.

-they make a soft puff crunch sound but... you get the idea.-she says, almost incomprehensibly, as she licks her fingers.

6"x6" oil on raymar canvas covered hardboard


  1. Cynthia Bilodeau9.4.10

    I love food too, almost as much as I love you and your awesome take on life!

  2. this makes me want pastry...nice job!

  3. Yeesh, Elaine. Now I want a ham and cheese w/ lettuce, tomatoes, Miracle Whip, on rye. And a stupid jelly donut! LOL I believe we call them Bismarcks here as well, though for some reason, I thought what I know as Bismarcks were the ones filled with a cream and chocolate frosting on the outside...But I usually like cake donuts so I don't usually have these. But Bismarcks they are still called here in the Midwest of IL too!

  4. Also known as sufganiyot. So light and fluffy, how can they be bad?

  5. I did not know the bismarks, but now I lnow!you make me laugh, Elaine!

  6. Hello, Elaine. Thank you for you kind words on my plate of donuts. I see that you also like delicious fat and sugar! I have to say that you did wonderfully well on a tiny canvas. The emphasis is right there in the middle, that lovely sugary confection, with all the red lines leading the eye right to the pastry. All the colors harmonize, the reds and yellows warm and inviting, and just a touch of complementary blue at the edges to set it off. I like the way the round shapes of the bismarks contrast with the geometrics at the top of the canvas, too. All in all, if I hadn’t just eatne lunch, I would be drooling on my keyboard.

  7. Hi Elaine, tiny canvas - big treats! Stacking those bismarcks just so, only makes the selection more difficult for me. It gives the effect - "take me - or take my brother - or why not take us all!" I see and want to touch the fried outside surface, covered in that sweet powdered sugar and my eye goes straight to that oozing jelly filled raspberry right off the center of your painting. Then it's on to the icing on the one below, then my eye goes sliding down and spinning around in that swirl on the one on the bottom left. The red and white 'X's' in the background give a nice rhythm and blue foreground give a nice balanced complement to the red and white for framing these lovelies. I feel like I am sitting in a posh Bavarian Donut House where they have been perfectly staged and showcased -inviting me, mouth watering...I can taste the crunchy outer and savor the sweet interior - all at once! If you'll put 2 in a little white bag, I'll be on my way!

  8. That was a cruel discription. Now I am wondering if travelling from Nova Scotia to the other side of the country for a jelly doughnut is extreme. I will go to bed with pastries dancing in my head.

  9. I'll take one of each...oh my goodness you have made me ravenous!!!

  10. Elaine, You had to go and call them Bismarcks. Now, instead of a plate of jelly doughnuts, I see a heroic sea battle. The German Battleship Bismarck in full naval engagement with the HMS Hood in the Denmark Strait, her main battery lighting up the night sky with a tracery of glowing red. The blue waves at the edges serve to perpetuate the action and drama. You don't have to be Fellini to figure out the jelly. I say "Sink the Bismarck!" (in a cup of coffee)

    P.S. They look wonderfully edible, too. I love the texture. This is an exciting painting.

  11. Pure Decadence. They look so warm and inviting. It makes me crave a cinnamon roll.

  12. What fantastic conversational comments! Thank you, each and every one. I am enjoying, in a virtual way all this deliciousness.