Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Glamourous Life - Portraits and... what is going on with the script?!

What is in the works?

These three paintings are commissioned pieces - The Grand Kids far. They are in costumes that somewhat reflect their interests or personalities.

It is an interesting proposition to paint someone only from a photo. There is so much more information in person. I did have an number of photos of each of the kids... and they aren't noted for their ability to sit still.

And on the movie script front...
...The main character is called Grace... she is a self help addict. It is a comedy...
and I will tell you more shortly...
Mostly because I would have to type something ...

Here is my relaxation project... another silk blouse! The pattern idea sketched out on an envelope is a perfect example of the idea of beauty that I mean to talk about. This is one point... I am not this shape, yet I am trained to draw and more importantly 'see' this shape. And that is just ideas of should in my head. This can be explained better... I will give it a think and get back to you on it!

Here it is! the buttons, which are not on yet, are glass baubles. I lovalovalove clothes!

There we are ...A few things that I have been up to.
Easter was fabulous. (that rabbit! what a nut with the chocolate!)
Bike rides in sunshine.



  1. My gosh, Elaine!! These portraits are fabulous, darlin'! Truly amazing and I love the costumes too. Beautiful work and I love the clothes you've drawn/painted as well. I love your personality; I think we'd get on like a house a'fire!

  2. That is sumptuous silk. Ravishing silk. You are quite the creative seamstress...and daring at that. I love to sew...rarely do because it becomes an absolute obsession once I start.

    I'd like to take a shot at painting that smock...

    The portraits are terrific. You have a realist bent you don't delve into often. There is a classical quality to these poses. I've been doing watercolor sketches of Sargent portraits. A master.

  3. Elaine, you can't stop to be creative!Love your portraits and your silk dress!

  4. fantastic portraits!!!

  5. Cynthia B12.4.10

    These portraits of Auntie Suzanne's grandkids are simply stunning, love the red theme especially, my fav color! You are truly gifted, they are so life-like and just brillant likenesses of the kids.