Friday, December 25, 2009

The Glamourous Life - Big Band

Listening to Christmas Carols on vinyl last night and this morning, courtesy of my versatile 'Mr.Music'
Steve and Eydie, Doris Day, Sammy Davis,
and some big band sounds.

Kinda nostalgic. One must be careful to not be sounding like one of those old people. I mean, this stuff was old people stuff a while ago. yikes.
Just off for the turkey dinner at Grandma's house!
*Merry Christmas!*


  1. Elaine, you can't be an old people if your grandma is still around! So take heart! It is always so gratifying to read of younger people such as yourself (teehee...I'm 50 now so maybe I can say this stuff???) taking joy and interest in things that were popular back in the day...vinyl records...Big Band stuff (which was old people stuff when I was a kid too)...I love your glamorous era paintings so much. They remind me of those glamorous b & w movies that I love to watch on the weekends...Such as the Thin Man movies...when the characters hung out at the fancy nightclubs and wore gowns of shimmering whatevers to do it in!

  2. nice, I really like your style!

  3. Sherry! The grandmas...two of them! are over 90 and still going strong. And you and I, my dear friend, are the same youngish age ...50! I am a grannie as well. So those other two are great great grandmas. It is amazing.
    Thank you for your comments! I love the old movies as well. Great to meet you.