Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Glamourous Life - ligament, tendons, patella, femurs...anatomy...!!!

Purple 10"x8" Original Acrylic on Canvas $360.

Whoa is me. Are you tired of the damaged leg story yet? I am.

It is a close encounter with my idea of time. Dragging my leg along, rather than the customary following of them, as a pair, is a bit of an impediment to rapid movement, stairs, distances.

Reading books. I can do this.
Isabel Allende- Inez of My Soul, Island beneath the Sea.
Michael Gruber- The Forgery of Venus -very painterly... I recommend it.
Thomas King The Truth about Stories.

Hafiz, Seneca, Epictetus... Stoics and Sufis.

The Glamourous Life... it is, actually.


  1. your blog and works are fantastic, I#m glad to discover you!

  2. It is a pretty cool pose to sit and south Indians sit girls used to sit in this pose while getting married!I have been there dragging my leg for an year!Loved your work:-)

  3. She strikes me as conquering the world! Or at least feeling very comfortable with herself in it... Love the pose and who can't love a purple picnic? Nice job.

  4. Gosh Elaine. I don't know if this will sound right, but I find myself wishing I was one of these women you paint. There is an air of Audrey Hepburn about them, elegant and classic, and yet too, an air of joie de vivre that is amazing. Another gorgeous painting, my friend!

  5. Ouch. No. But at least you have good books.